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On these pages, we provide everything worth knowing about samplers, about pumps for bottling dangerous liquids, as well as plastic lab equipment.

What do you need to know

about taking samples?

What is the right way to decant

hazardous liquids?

Here you can find answers. Have a look, it's worth it!

Take samples - but do it right

How analysis produces the correct result!

When taking samples, a random test is taken from an overall quantity. These samples serve as the basis for the analysis regarding quality assurance. The correct procedure for taking spot samples is therefore a very important subject. Only with representative and authentic samples can reliable information about the quality, properties or composition of a particular material be provided.

Very precise material analyses can be carried out with the most up-to-date technology. However, the technology is no good if ...

Fill off liquids - but do it safely

Safety is the top priority

Dangerous liquids must never be filled off by directly pouring them out. Even the use of a funnel does not provide the required degree of safety when bottling dangerous liquids.

About threads

How to determine thread sizes

Plastic barrels and containers can have a wide range of thread types. Some are standardized according to DIN, BSI or US standards. Other threads are manufacturer-specific...

Viscosity of liquids

The right pump for each liquid

Pumps are used in widely different fields of application. Bürkle offers a large number of different versions. However, when choosing a ­suitable pump several criteria must be considered.
The most important are the viscosity, structure and density of the liquid...

Packaging containers with UN approval

What is „UN-approved“?

The UN has drawn up a list of more than 6000 hazardous substances classified ­according to the risk that they represent; this determines their packaging group.
Packaging group I (X) corresponds to a high degree of risk represented by the contents, e.g. very corrosive substances; packaging group II (Y) a medium degree of risk and packaging group III (Z) less hazardous substances.

Disposable samplers

Clean room manufactured & sterilised by gamma rays - for the highest standards in sampling

In many application areas such as in the pharmaceutical sector, food & beverage branch or cosmetics industry, there are high standards for the sampler used to be free of particles and sterile so that the samples are not contaminated. The higher these standards, the more likely that they can only be met by using disposable samplers.

What is gamma ray sterilisation?

What are gamma rays and how do they have an effect?

Our SteriPlast® products are sterilised by gamma rays, i.e. all micro-organisms contained within or adhering are killed off. But what exactly are gamma rays and how do they bring about a sterilisation of Bürkle products?

Chemical resistance

of plastics

Please pay attention to the chemical resistance of materials!


Pharma sampling

During powder separation checks and purity validations of powders, liquids and semi-solid substances, special ­procedures (unit-dose-sampling) must be employed to achieve the desired results...

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